Call to action

Take part – Operation Earthquake Campaign Pack makes it easy.

We have put together an Operation Earthquake Campaign Pack.  This pack makes it easy for anyone to actively take part in the campaign.  We walk you through a simple process that anyone can follow.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that simplicity equates to ineffectiveness.  The collective impact will be enormous if we all share the work.


The Pack contains all you need to help stop the greatest threat to your freedom in the history of motorcycling. Our goal is simple – to contact every politician in the country and ask direct questions.  We will collate and publish all the responses that you gather.

Are they with us, or against us?


The pack contains an overview of the campaign, template letters, the questions to ask and instructions for feeding back the answers.


Download the Operation Earthquake Campaign Pack today and get started – the future of motorcycling as we know it is under threat.  If we don’t stand up to this threat now, we will lose the right to choose which type of motorcycle we buy and ride.

Parliamentarians need to understand that if all the political parties conspire against the electorate to force Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) on us against our will, our aim will be to sack the lot of them.”

Neil Liversidge, National Chair, The Motorcycle Action Group
Operation Earthquake Campaign Pack