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Damien Moore MP response

Damien Moore MP response
Damien Moore MP: Conservative – Southport

Dear [xxxxx],

Thank you for your letter regarding the Government’s proposed ban on the sale of new internal combustion engines, and for your time in my weekly surgery last month.  It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to talk over this important issue with you in person.

As I made clear, I am extremely sympathetic to your points, and I do believe the Government has to ensure riders’ views are taken into account when deciding on time scales.  You are entirely right that, regardless of other arguments around electric vehicles, the availability of charge points is fundamental to their success, and I have made clear to ministers that I will not stand by and watch any environmental policy impact on our town’s vital tourist trade if enough charging points are not in place.  It is important that we don’t move faster than is appropriate and necessary.

The report you have provided me with is certainly interesting reading.  Environmental benefits should never be forced through regardless of the cost, and instead a sensible, well-thought-out cost/benefit analysis should be made.  As a Conservative, I of course have no desire to raise taxes unless absolutely necessary, but your analysis around potential lost tax revenue is well-considered, and I have privately raised this with the Chancellor’s team.

I appreciate that you have raised with me seven important questions, and while of course this letter and our discussion is a strong expression of sympathy with your case, it is important to emphasise the constant flexibility of the British Parliament is always an advantage in any political goal, and future Parliaments will be attentive to the needs of their times.

I would stress that the Government is currently considering responses to its consultation as to when the UK should stop selling new non-zero emission L-category vehicles, such as motorcycles, and I am confident that they will listen to concerns raised by groups such as MAG and consider well the report that you have raised.

As for MAG’s press release, please feel free to include the following quotation: “Motorcycles will continue to play a fundamental role in addressing our country’s transport and traffic issues, reducing congestion and providing a valuable, considered alternative to cars.  The Government’s net zero aims are laudable, but it is absolutely vital that they work with riders’ groups, including the Motorcycle Action Group, to ensure that riders’ views are held front and centre.  I look forward to the outcome of the Government’s consultation on the timeline.”

Yours sincerely,

Damien Moore MP

12th May 2023