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Sir Greg Knight MP response

Sir Greg Knight MP response
Sir Greg Knight MP: Conservative – East Yorkshire

 Dear [xxxx],

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns on the proposed petrol and diesel ban for new vehicles.

Current policy is that the UK government aims to eliminate our contribution to climate change and achieve net zero by 2050.

Bringing forward the end the sale of new petrol and diesel powered vehicles to 2030 is, in my view, unnecessary. I note that under current plans the sale of new hybrid and plug-in hybrids will be able to continue until 2035.

I know that the Government is seeking to put in place the infrastructure to facilitate the accelerated transition to electric vehicles – including public chargepoints, residential on-street chargepoints as well as rapid and smart chargepoints.

The proposed ban, if it goes ahead, is only on the sale of new combustion engine cars; those already on the road will still be legal to own and drive. As I understand it, there is no suggestion that classic cars powered by traditional petrol or diesel engines will be forced off the road.

Motorcycles can make a significant contribution to addressing our country’s transport and traffic issues. Indeed, they can reduce congestion and represent an affordable alternative to the car, delivering independence and mobility as well as broadening employment opportunities. The Government is investing in a plug-in motorcycle grant scheme, which is available for eligible zero emission motorcycles and mopeds across the UK.

The government is currently suggesting that, subject to consultation, all new motorcycles will have to be fully zero emissions at the tailpipe by 2035. The Government recently sought opinions as to when the UK should stop selling new non-zero emission L-category vehicles, such as motorcycles. I look forward to their response in due course.

I am aware of developments in Europe whereby a compromise where synthetic ‘e-fuels’ will be permitted is being proposed and I agree with it. This is a significant development as it will allow existing refuelling infrastructure to be utilised, as well as existing ICE vehicles but with a much smaller environmental impact when compared to using current fossil fuels in petrol and diesel vehicles.

I agree with you that the UK should follow the EU lead in this area.

Kind regards,


Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP

26th June 2023