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Dan Jarvis MP response

Dan Jarvis MP
Dan Jarvis MP: Labour – Barnsley Central

Dear […….],

 I hope you are well.

 Thanks for contacting me about the Government’s proposed ban on new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Vehicles.

 I completely understand your frustration and no doubt that of many motorists about this proposal; especially given the fact that the plan to scrap ICE vehicles would happen in a relatively short timeframe. If you would like me to do so, I am happy to table some parliamentary questions to try and get more information from the Government about both the intent and the detail of their proposal. Please let me know if you would like me to do this.

 However, I do think it is also important to make the point that if as a country, we are to reach our net zero targets and work to combat climate change, then we do need to be looking at proposals to ensure we reduce our fossil fuel emissions and transition to a cleaner, greener economy. We can do this by ensuring that existing industries, such as the automotive industry, can transition to a clean future while creating secure, unionised jobs. I do accept though that this has to be done over an achievable time frame.

 We owe it to both current and future generations to act urgently, doing what is needed in the coming years to try and avert the catastrophe of climate change. We also need to do all we can to both protect the planet and ensure that our children grow up breathing cleaner air, with our country’s great nature and wildlife restored and flourishing whilst living in better insulated homes.

 The Government’s own projections make clear that the low carbon economy could grow 11% each year to 2030, far outpacing the 1-2% growth projected for the wider economy (including the traditional motor industry).

 Once again, thank you for getting in touch about the Government’s proposed ban on the sale of new ICE powered cars and motorcycles.

 Do let me know if you want to discuss this or any other matter further.

 With my very best wishes,

Dan Jarvis MBE MP

Barnsley Central

6th January 2022