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Mick Whitley MP response

Mick Whitley MP: Labour – Birkenhead

Dear […..]

Thank you for your email.

I believe the Government should be doing more to work with the automotive industry in this transition and to help people change to electric vehicles and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and also clean up the air quality in our towns and cities.

Therefore, I support calls for an electric vehicle revolution to support Britain’s world-class manufacturing, including making Britain a world leader in producing electric car batteries, making electric vehicles affordable for working people and rolling out charging points to every community.

I acknowledge that we hold differing views on this matter.  I do, however, appreciate the concerns you have raised and be assured that they have been noted.

Thank you once again for contacting me on this important matter.

Best wishes

Mick Whitley MP

Member of Parliament for Birkenhead

6th January 2022